Two Turtle Doves is a new online education platform specifically for small businesses and start-ups.

We provide DIY courses in general marketing, brand strategy and implementation, digital marketing and other subjects relevant to successful business development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Two Turtle Doves is an online education platform specifically for small businesses and start-ups. Our aim is enable your business to grow and succeed and for you to prosper. We provide DIY courses in general marketing, brand strategy and implementation, digital marketing and other subjects relevant to profitable business development. The founding directors are Lowen Partridge and Jacqui Brown who each bring deep experience and knowledge of brand strategy, marketing and digital marketing and sales. Lowen’s business is Peartree Brand Strategy, Jacqui’s is Stellar Marketing. As a mother/daughter duo it seemed natural to name the new business Two Turtle Doves.

Please visit the 'Courses' tab in the top navigation to view all available courses. We're constantly creating new and exciting courses in brand strategy and development, general marketing, digital marketing and online advertising.

Projected courses include:

Brand development
Branding 101
Effective brand building programs
Managing multiple brands
Personal brand development
Digital marketing
Digital Marketing 101
Online advertising
Lead generation campaigns development and implementation
Sales campaigns development and implementation
Social media marketing
Email marketing
SEO Basics
Content marketing
General marketing  
Marketing 10
Creating a practical marketing plan
Understanding consumer behaviour
The power of market research
Product development

Mini courses
Using sponsorship to grow your brand
Building your brand culture
The role of advertising in brand development
Effective PR and publicity campaigns
Getting your graphics right

We are not theorists. In our consultancies we are “hand on” as we work with a wide range of clients. We know the big concepts and the little tips and tricks that bring success and we make that knowledge available through our DIY programs to small businesses and start-ups that at this stage in their growth can’t justify a consultant.

We provide the benefit of years of knowledge and hands-on experience in many industries right up to the latest in brand development and digital marketing. We are on top of our game.

We are a quality outfit and our courses have substance. They may be easy to follow but they are not simplistic.

Our courses don’t just provide information. We build in step-by-step guidance in how to do it yourself.

Few other online providers offer our range of courses in the one location. You will save time and have confidence in the business development courses we offer.

Our business model enables you to create your own bespoke course.

Our courses are designed for small business people who want highly practical guidance delivered in self-paced modules. If you fall into one or more of the following you will find our courses invaluable.

You are responsible for all aspects of marketing within the business
You are responsible for the firm’s brand/s You are responsible for the digital marketing
You implement the digital marketing for the firm
You implement the general marketing within the firm
You are on an advisory panel for a small business

Some courses are already available. Please check the 'Courses' tab in the navigation bar to see what is available.

More courses are being developed as we speak. To find out when other courses will be available please join our VIP list at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime we encourage you to access our free products and blogs that are available.

We understand the time constraints of people working in small businesses and our courses are designed to give you the most practical information and step through guidance to help you get where you want to go with your business development.

The time you need to allocate will depend on the type of course you choose but on average you will spend around three hours per week doing course work and the associated exercises.

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