ONLINE MARKETING: Quickly Grow Your Small Business

The ultimate step-by-step course to easily build & launch a profitable online marketing campaign.

ONLINE MARKETING: Quickly Grow Your Small Business
is a step-by-step online training program
for small business owners who:

  • Operate a small business selling products or services to consumers 
  • Are ready to see real, measurable results from their marketing efforts in a short period of time 
  • Don’t have lots of time or money to spend on their marketing efforts 
  • Want a clear hand-held system on how to get more customers quickly and continuously 
  • Have a real desire to grow their small business and stay ahead of the competition 
  • Want tried and tested, easy-to-implement marketing strategies with 0% fluff

How the course works:

This course has been developed specifically for small business owners who don’t have a load of time or online marketing know-how.

Throughout each module you will build your online marketing campaign alongside me. This is not boring old marketing theory!

This course sets you up with a tangible online marketing campaign so by the end of the course all you need to do is press the launch button to see immediate results!

I take you through all the practical elements action-by-action showing you exactly how to create and build a successful online marketing campaign, showing you on screen what to do and how to do it.

Course Curriculum

Jacqui Brown

With over 15 years marketing experience Jacqui loves working with a diverse range of industries ranging from hospitality, property, beauty, fashion and finance Jacqui has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in every marketing discipline, however in the past 10 years she has honed her skills in all thing digital marketing to help her clients reach their goals through creative online marketing strategies.

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